Mindlance Technologies leverages the focused hardware and embedded talent it employs to provide services ranging from VLSI design to Telecommunications & IoT. Our focus on creating value has led to us acquiring ownership based projects and dedicated customer ODC’s (Offshore Development Centers) within the very first year of existence that aid us in accelerating our involvement and showing quantifiable business results for several semiconductor and telecom majors. We have become a preferred partner in developing embedded software and systems, and facilitating domain-specific hardware engineering and design services in areas such as VLSI, ASIC, FPGA and SoC engineering, prototyping and value-added services. The major service domains we offer include:

  • Digital VLSI
    • RTL Design
    • Verification, IP and SoC
    • Implementation
    • Post Si Validation
  • Analog VLSI
    • Circuit design
    • Analog Mixed Signal Layout
    • Modeling & Verification
  • Embedded Systems
    • Graphics and Multimedia
    • BIOS & Firmware
    • Platform bring-up
  • Wireless Communications
    • Radio Access Network
    • Telecom stack development
    • Network performance optimization
    • Evolved Packet Core
    • PDN services
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
    • C-IoT
    • IETF-IoT


Futuristic technologies that are influencing the way your devices are connecting, computing, and creating content are part of our service offerings.